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City mayors will benefit from a robust and practical curriculum developed to provide the latest knowledge, tools and resources available to support cities, delivered by regional and global experts on urban sustainability. The Academy will draw on the multi-disciplinary expertise from the initiative’s partners, including academic and research institutions, regional technical initiatives, local government networks, and the United Nations system, as well as current and former mayors. The selected mayors can expect to: 

  • Be part of an executive level, peer-to-peer learning space to support mayors to develop potential subject-matter-related partnerships and collaborative actions.

  • Join a network of ʻMayorsfor Sustainability’ to connect with regional initiatives and platforms to raise awareness, accelerate actions and strengthen regional cooperation.

  • Increase their knowledge in designing, planning and managing sustainable urban development, including sustainable and inclusive city growth, integrated infrastructure, adapting to climate risks, natural resources consumption, local investment plans, land and legal mechanisms for sustainable urban development.

  • Increase knowledge on the global development agendas and international frameworks and their relevance to Asia-Pacific cities.

  • Access resources supporting cities in Asia Pacific, including the United Nations system, regional networks, technical support programmes and research institutions/academia.


Mayors need to commit to:

  • Actively participate in training sessions and peer-exchange and Academy meetings.

  • Academy alumni are expected to return as resource persons and expert speakers in future academies.

  • Commitment to promoting sustainable urban development in her/his city, which will contribute to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Develop a local urban initiative that incorporates the learnings from the Academy, including inclusive, evidence-based and integrated policies.

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